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A Complete Guide To Selenium Page Load Strategy

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January 23, 2023

Webpage automation has been growing extensively, and most of us have worked on it. It is something on which we work almost regularly, automating several scenarios and navigating through many web pages.

But do you ever wonder what goes behind the scenes when the webpage is loaded in Selenium WebDriver? We know of a few WebDriver functions used to navigate to a webpage, like a get() and navigate(), but do they define how a page is loaded, or is there some other functionality at play in the backend of things?

The answer to this is YES! It is defined by something called the Page Load Strategy in Selenium WebDriver. The WebDriver uses Page Load Strategy to determine how the webpage will be loaded before you proceed with further interactions; to execute the next actions.

In this blog on Selenium Page Load Strategy, we will take a deeper look at this strategy and try to understand its different types and how they can be implemented in automation code.

So let us get started!


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