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A Comprehensive Guide to Test Execution for SMEs and Enterprises

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January 03, 2024

Companies today are accelerating application development. We see more organizations adopting modern software engineering best practices and agile principles to empower their developers to prototype, test, and iterate on new features quickly.

Against this backdrop, the traditional approaches to managing IT infrastructure can impede the fast-paced delivery of digital solutions.

In the face of challenges posed by service-oriented infrastructure, the demand for resilient testing methodologies has surged. Test execution emerges as a critical driver in the overhaul of feature development for businesses, regardless of their size. By initiating tests in the early stages, businesses can effectively manage risks and ensure the delivery of a product that meets user-friendly standards.

Technological advancements have enabled the test automation efforts of both Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and large-scale enterprises—significantly improving the efficiency and reliability of…

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