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A Seven Point Checklist for Getting SAST Right

In General
March 24, 2023

With so many physical products—from automobiles to airplanes and medical devices to industrial control systems—now being driven by software, product security has become a top-level concern for manufacturers. Software flaws can not only affect security by introducing vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers but also impact safety by compromising a product’s functional operation.

In addition, product security has significant financial implications. For example, fixing a vulnerability in development costs 10 times less than in testing and 100 times less than fixing it in production. This explains why static application security testing (SAST) has become a cornerstone of product security and the engine for implementing code analysis at the earliest stages of development, commonly known as shift left security.

Unlike other forms of application security testing (AST), SAST scans 100% of the code, including configuration files, not just the code that is executed at runtime….

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