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Accelerate Your Real Device Testing via HyperExecutes’ Parallelization

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February 08, 2024

When it comes to mobile apps, even a momentary lapse can impact user experience. Achieving flawless performance across diverse devices poses a significant challenge for developers and QA testers.

Traditional testing, reliant on emulators, offers a mere overview of the maze. However, it often overlooks critical nuances, akin to navigating blind spots in the maze.

Recognizing the limitations, there’s a growing demand for real device testing in the QA and SDET domain. Testing on authentic smartphones and tablets replicates user experiences, uncovering device-specific intricacies and ensuring compatibility across various operating systems and models.

Yet, manually testing multiple devices resembles navigating a maze one path at a time—slow and tedious.


To overcome this, parallelization emerges as a solution, enhancing testing efficiency, minimizing network hops, and preserving valuable time. This allows the QA and SDET teams to channel their efforts into innovative pursuits…

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