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Akamai Launches Gecko Edge Computing Services

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February 13, 2024

Akamai Technologies today launched an initiative that promises to make it simpler to centrally manage and deploy application workloads on edge computing platforms.

Shawn Michels, vice president for product management for cloud computing Akamai, said a Generalized Edge Compute (Gecko) offering leverages the global points of presence (PoPs) that Akamai uses for its content delivery network (CDN) to now deploy application workload managed via the Linode cloud service the company acquired in 2022.

At the core of this offering is a set of virtual machines that enable a full stack of application software to be deployed in an edge computing environment to eliminate latency that would otherwise be encountered when transferring data to a cloud computing environment. The ultimate goal is to provide IT organizations with a federated set of services they can employ to process data where it makes the most sense based on performance requirements, said Michels.

For example, applications infused…

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