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Android’s share menu could finally be more consistent in Android 14

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January 04, 2023

With over 14 years of iteration under its belt, Google has had a lot of time to make Android a polished mobile operating system. Google continues to address pain points in the Android experience with each new release, but one aspect that many users still complain about is the share menu. In fact, I’ve seen people complain about Android’s share menu when it isn’t even relevant to the conversation

Fortunately, Google does seem to be aware of these complaints and is taking a big step in addressing them. Google is working on turning Android’s system share sheet into a new modular system component that could launch in Android 14. In this edition of Android Dessert Bites, I’ll be talking about how Google could fix one of the biggest problems with the Android Sharesheet.

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How the Android Sharesheet works

One of Android’s best features is its intent system. Intents are how apps share data with one another, such as text, images, documents,…

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