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Announcing Builds View in Docker Desktop GA

In General
December 06, 2023

As an engineer in a product development team, your primary focus is innovating new services to push the organization forward. We know how frustrating it is to be blocked because of a failing Docker build or to have the team be slowed down because of an unknown performance issue in your builds.

Due to the complex nature of some builds, understanding what is happening with a build can be tricky, especially if you are new to Docker and containerization.

To help solve these issues, we are excited to announce the new Builds view in Docker Desktop, which provides detailed insight into your build performance and usage. Get a live view of your builds as they run, explore previous build performance, and deep dive into an error and cache issue.

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What is causing my build to fail?

The Builds view lets you look through recent and past builds to diagnose a failure long after losing the logs in your terminal. Once you have found the troublesome build, you can…

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