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appCD Launches Platform to Securely Provision Cloud Infrastructure

In General
March 07, 2024

appCD this week launched a namesake platform that analyzes an application about to be deployed to automatically generate the code needed to provision the IT infrastructure required.

Fresh from raising $6 million in seed funding, appCD CEO Sachin Aggarwal said that approach makes it possible to consistently create secure code for provisioning IT infrastructure versus requiring developers with little to no cybersecurity to manually write it.

Instead, appCD reviews Python or Java code to understand intent, identifies dependencies and then infers application programming interface (API), service configuration, ingress/egress and other environment variables. Terraform code or Helm charts are then automatically generated based on the static analysis of the code that has been reinforced using artificial intelligence (AI) learning techniques.

That approach also makes it simpler for platform engineering teams to centrally manage the provisioning of IT infrastructure using a set of pre-defined…

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