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Appium Setup for Windows

In General
July 17, 2019

  • Basics of Appium Mobile Testing
  • Appium Setup for Windows
  • Writing The First Appium Test Automation Script (Android)

  • Starting Appium Server and launching the app from code

  • How To Install Appium On A Mac Machine
  • In the previous blog, we informed about the basics of Appium and its architecture. Now let’s understand how to setup Appium. There are four steps required to setup Appium, they are enabling the Android device for test, test environment setup, Appium Configurations, Launch the app on the device.

    Appium Mobile Testing

    1. An Android device with OS 4.2+
    2. AUT(Application Under Test) file (.apk)
    3. Phone USB Drivers
    4. Java (JDK)
    5. Android Studio (SDK)
    6. Eclipse
    7. Selenium Standalone JAR
    8. Appium Java Client
    9. Appium for Windows
    10. .NET Framework 4.5

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