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Avoiding Mistakes in Multi-Cloud Configurations

In General
October 27, 2023

The digital sky is bursting with clouds of every kind, and organizations are reaching out to grasp several at once. They seize the opportunities offered by diverse cloud providers, breaking free from the confines of a single vendor. Their approach is a powerful strategic move. Its promise—slashed costs, bolstered resilience and unmatched data back-ups; its bottleneck—configuration issues. And the tightrope between reaping multi-cloud benefits and stumbling into cybersecurity risks is thin.

“The foremost area where IT leaders have to adapt is cybersecurity,” said Aleksandr Morozov, a cloud security researcher and CTO at Oasis Defender. “As digital interactions multiply, so does our vulnerability to cybersecurity threats. We have to defend against attacks, safeguard data privacy and adhere to international regulations. The adequacy of cybersecurity measures we take directly impacts business integrity and consumer trust.”

Given these stakes, multi-cloud configuration seems…

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