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AWS ARN Explained: Amazon Resource Name Guide

In General
July 30, 2020

In this blog, I talk about concepts, tips, and tricks related to AWS arn. I will also talk about how to create arn URLs for a specific AWS resource.

I have also added all the important links to AWS resources to build the ARNs you need quickly.

What is ARN in AWS?

Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) are uniques identifiers assigned to individual resources. It can be an ec2 instance, EBS Volumes, S3 bucket, load balancers, VPCs, route tables, etc.

An ARN looks like the following for an ec2 instance.


Why are ARNs Important?

ARNs are very important when it comes to IAM policies. You will end up using ARNs if you following the standard best practices for IAM roles and policies.

ARNs has the following key use cases.

  1. They are used in IAM policies for granting restricted granular access to resources. One example is to allow a specific IAM user to access only specific ec2 instances.
  2. It can be used in automation scripts and API calls…

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