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Azure Container Registry and Docker Hub: Connecting the Dots with Seamless Authentication and Artifact Cache

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February 29, 2024

By leveraging the wide array of public images available on Docker Hub, developers can accelerate development workflows, enhance productivity, and, ultimately, ship scalable applications that run like clockwork. When building with public content, acknowledging the potential operational risks associated with using that content without proper authentication is crucial. 

In this post, we will describe best practices for mitigating these risks and ensuring the security and reliability of your containers.

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Import public content locally

There are several advantages to importing public content locally. Doing so improves the availability and reliability of your public content pipeline and protects you from failed CI builds. By importing your public content, you can easily validate, verify, and deploy images to help run your business more reliably.

For more information on this best practice, check out the Open Container Initiative’s guide on Consuming…

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