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Ben Rometsch on Product Simplicity Over Hypeness

In General
November 14, 2023

Companies differing motivations and resources determine their priorities and impact how they develop their products. In this way, not all companies base their business model on building a product to solve a real problem. Still, some of them do. In the case of Flagsmith, a commercial open-source feature flagging software, its developers focus on features that are valuable to its users instead of gambling on market hype. This episode will explore Flagsmith’s origins, design philosophy, and recommendations for putting it to use.

Edited transcription

As it stood out among a handful of product ideas for a side project, Flagsmith came to fulfill the need for a feature-flagging open-source platform. Developers use feature flags to control the visibility and behavior of features in their applications without deploying new code, which can be useful for:

  • Rolling out new features gradually
  • A/B testing different feature versions
  • Experimenting with new ideas

Flagsmith also…

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