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Best of 2022: We Must Kill ‘Dinosaur’ JavaScript | Microsoft Open Sources 3D Emoji

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December 30, 2022

As we close out 2022, we at DevOps.com wanted to highlight the most popular articles of the year. Following is the latest in our series of the Best of 2022.

Welcome to The Long View—where we peruse the news of the week and strip it to the essentials. Let’s work out what really matters.

This week: JavaScript is a bloated barrier to progress, and Microsoft’s emoji are on GitHub.

1. DC Hates JS; Loves E

First up this week: We need to replace JavaScript with something “designed specifically for secure distributed programming.” So says the man behind JSON, Douglas Crockford. He suggests his latest flame, the E language.

Analysis: Big bang change seldom succeeds

Crockford is unlikely to bring devs with him. Nor will browser makers play along. Evolution usually works better than revolution. TypeScript and Wasm are where the action is.

Tim Anderson channels the perp: ‘The best thing we can do today to JavaScript is to retire it’

Flaws cannot be corrected
The world’s most…

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