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Build Multimodal GenAI Apps with OctoAI and Docker

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February 08, 2024

This post was contributed by Thierry Moreau, co-founder and head of DevRel at OctoAI.

Generative AI models have shown immense potential over the past year with breakthrough models like GPT3.5, DALL-E, and more. In particular, open source foundational models have gained traction among developers and enterprise users who appreciate how customizable, cost-effective, and transparent these models are compared to closed-source alternatives.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can compose an open source foundational model into a streamlined image transformation pipeline that lets you manipulate images with nothing but text to achieve surprisingly good results.

Banner docker and octoml a powerful duo for building creative generative ai apps

With this approach, you can create fun versions of corporate logos, bring your kids’ drawings to life, enrich your product photography, or even remodel your living room (Figure 1).

Multi-part figure showing sample image transformations, including moby logo, child's drawing, cocktail glass, and room design.
Figure 1: Examples of image transformation including, from left to right: Generating creative corporate…

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