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Calculating the Costs of Cloud Migration

In General
June 16, 2023

The benefits of moving an on-premise application to the cloud are well documented, from ease of use and flexibility to scalability, security, and reliability. But the million-dollar question for any company is how much their cloud migration will cost. Determining the answer isn’t always easy. Here, we outline the main cost categories and five steps to enhance the accuracy of estimations.

Cost Categories

There are a few primary areas to look at when considering cloud costs. It’s important to have a good understanding of a target application’s pre-migration costs, for comparison with potential post-migration costs. The cost of the migration itself also needs to be considered – the work and effort taken to migrate an application from on-premise to the cloud. Let’s look at these three categories in more detail.

Pre-Migration Costs

Detailed information about the application’s current on-premise costs and system performance data is needed. This helps…

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