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Changes to How Docker Handles Personal Authentication Tokens 

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September 26, 2023

A personal access token (PAT) is a replacement for a password that can have specific scopes for repository access. Docker is improving the visibility of Docker Desktop and Hub users’ personal access tokens. Specifically, we are changing how tokens are handled across sessions between the two tools. Read on to learn more about this security improvement.

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What is changing with PATs and Docker?

To authenticate with Docker Hub, the Docker CLI uses PATs. To gain authenticated access to Hub from Docker CLI after a successful login from Docker Desktop, an API creates PATs on behalf of a Desktop user. These tokens were created after a user had successfully authenticated to Docker Hub through the login flow they have active for their organization (and thus had the required bearer tokens). 

Within Docker Hub, if you navigate to your profile, select Edit > Security, you can see all of your access tokens, including ones created by Docker Desktop for the CLI…

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