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Cisco Extends Scope and Reach of Observability Platform

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February 09, 2024

Cisco this week expanded the scope of its observability platform by adding predictive and generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities along with log analytics and a Core Web Vitals tool to make it simple to ensure web pages don’t lose their search engine ranking because of poor user experience.

In addition, Cisco is now leveraging extended Berkeley Packet Filters (eBPF) in the kernel of Linux operating systems to provide visibility into Kubernetes workloads and a session replay capability for cloud-native applications. In addition, Cisco has allied with Komodor, a provider of a Kubernetes management platform, to gain additional visibility into these environments.

Cisco also added digital experience monitoring (DEM) capabilities based on real user monitoring (RUM) and the full-stack observability it provides following its recent acquisition of Accedian, a provider of an analytics platform for monitoring end-user experiences.

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Finally, Cisco added a Data Security Posture…

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