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Cloud lock-in is real

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July 02, 2021

I was impressed by this CIO article about 10 dark secrets of cloud by Peter Wayner (CIO is also part of IDG). You should read it for a few reasons. 

First, it’s not often that the press discusses the downsides of cloud computing—it’s always a bit of a media lovefest. I’m often taken aback by the lack of dissent in general, specifically when I get pushback for pointing out issues with cloud computing that should be understood by now. 

Second, the points made in the article are well thought out and reflect other posts I’ve done over the years on cloud topics such as performance, cost, and lock-in. Don’t get me wrong, cloud has very few issues. However, the issues it does have need to be understood prior to jumping in feet first. 

Let’s focus specifically on what Wayner says about lock in: “At first glance, selling a commodity operating system on commodity hardware should be a commodity business. But somehow the cloud world is surprisingly…

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