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Controlling Cloud Costs With Efficient Ramp Plans

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March 14, 2024

A mix of rapid migrations to the cloud and complexity over usage and costs has companies desperately trying to reduce waste and gain control over their spending. Making matters worse is a volatile economy that has decision-makers on edge, considering cost-cutting measures and placing a priority on locking down revenue.

Without a formal FinOps or cost optimization strategy in place, it’s easy for companies to see cloud expenses snowball out of control. In fact, analysts from Gartner report that organizations that do not employ cloud cost optimization can overspend by up to 70%. That said, ramp plans are becoming a vital tool for containing cloud resources.

Still, while this strategy can show how to effectively grow your environment and increase workloads, the way a ramp plan is carried out is key to its success. The following looks at what companies should do to succeed with ramp planning accompanied by some strategic advice for handling unique needs that may arise.

Ramping Up

A ramp…

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