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CSS Inherit Demystified: What It Means for Your Styling

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March 12, 2024

Good design is good business – Thomas J Watson

The key for a business or product to stand out from the crowd lies in improving how it expresses itself, and this is where good design plays an important role.

While designing a website, it’s important to use CSS in a way that is easy to maintain and update later. Instead of repeating the same properties, making CSS style rules reusable and well-organized helps, especially for large codebases with multiple pages.

This is where the CSS inherit mechanism can enhance the maintainability and reusability of your codebase. It also helps to eliminate much of the code repetition, as styles can be inherited from parent elements directly. This way, you can reduce the risk of inconsistencies across various sections of the webpage.

This article will look at the CSS inherit property, including which properties are inherited by default, how they affect your styling, and the mechanisms that govern this behavior.

What is CSS Inheritance?…

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