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De-silo DevOps, are you ready?

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January 20, 2021

As organizations work to maintain a competitive advantage in the digital age, the value of DevOps cannot be understated and continues to increase as digital transformation and cloud adoption initiatives have become mainstream.

But organizations still struggling to accelerate their DevOps toolchain, the right ITSM platform is integral to the agility of bringing disparate DevOps groups together for increased collaboration, thus reducing parallel areas of work, or silos. Moving from a waterfall approach to an agile approach can be a challenging journey. Along that journey, baselining, collecting, and analyzing valid metrics are key to identifying bottlenecks in the value stream so adjustments can be made quickly and continuously. By breaking down dev silos and connecting your DevOps toolchain to your ITSM foundation, provides bidirectional visibility, while increasing time spent on innovation, reduced escaped defects, and improve MTTR.

BMC provides the industry leading enterprise…

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