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Dependency Pruning in Software Development

In General
March 07, 2024

In software development, dependency pruning typically refers to the process of identifying and eliminating unnecessary dependencies within a codebase. Dependencies in this context are relationships between different modules, classes, functions, or components that require one another to function correctly.

Key Aspects of Dependency Pruning in Software Development

Dependency pruning aims to reduce coupling between different parts of a system. High coupling makes the codebase less flexible and harder to maintain. By pruning unnecessary dependencies, developers can create a more modular and loosely coupled system.

  • Improving Maintainability

Unnecessary dependencies can complicate code maintenance. When there are numerous dependencies between components, a change in one part of the code might have ripple effects throughout the system. Pruning dependencies helps in making the codebase more maintainable by minimizing the impact of changes.

Dependencies often make it more challenging to…

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