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Deploying ERC20 Token With Hardhat: A Step-by-Step Guide

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September 07, 2023

In this article, we will deploy an ERC20 token using Hardhat, a development environment tailored for Ethereum smart contract development. Hardhat offers a comprehensive toolset that streamlines the tasks of building, testing, and deploying smart contracts, ensuring both reliability and security.

Setting Up the Development Environment

For this lesson, we’ll use VS Code to set up our development environment. First, open the integrated terminal in VS Code. Execute the command npm init -y to initialize our project and generate the package.json file, which we’ll need for installing libraries. The -y flag in the npm command lets us automatically answer “yes” to typical prompts during the command’s execution.

After you’ve installed Hardhat with the command npm i --save-dev hardhat, initiate Hardhat to produce the necessary development files and directories. Navigate to your project folder in the terminal and run npx hardhat. This command will prompt a series of…

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