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Despite Concerns, AI Increasingly Used to Build Software

In General
September 06, 2023

A survey of 1,001 senior technology executives, developers, and security and operations professionals published this week by GitLab finds 67% are working for organizations already using artificial intelligence (AI) to build software, with 60% of those respondents reporting their organizations use it every day. A full 90% said their organizations are either already using or plan to use AI to build software.

More than half (51%) have already identified productivity as a key benefit, but 32% are also “very” or “extremely” concerned about introducing AI into the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Those concerns included AI-generated code introducing security vulnerabilities (39%) and whether that code may not be subject to the same level of copyright protection as human-generated code (48%). A full 95% of senior technology executives said they prioritized privacy and intellectual property protection when selecting an AI tool.

Most organizations will continue to move forward…

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