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DevOps Metrics for Optimizing CI/CD Pipelines

In General
February 18, 2022

DevOps organizations monitor their CI/CD pipeline across three groups of metrics:

  • Automation performance
  • Speed
  • Quality

With continuous delivery of high-quality software releases, organizations are able to respond to changing market needs faster than their competition and maintain improved end-user experiences. How can you achieve this goal?

Let’s discuss some of the critical aspects of a healthy CI/CD pipeline and highlight the key metrics that must be monitored and improved to optimize CI/CD performance.

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Continuous Monitoring

CI/CD brief recap

But first, what is CI/CD and why is it important?

Continuous Integration (CI) refers to the process of merging software builds on a continuous basis. The development teams divide the large-scale project into small coding tasks and deliver the code updates iteratively, on an ongoing basis. The builds are pushed to a centralized repository…

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