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Different Types of Locators in Selenium WebDriver

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March 01, 2024

When writing automated tests with Selenium WebDriver, the first step is locating the WebElements using the browser developer tools window. To achieve this, different types of locators in Selenium WebDriver, like ID, Name, TagName, ClassName, XPath, CSS Selector, etc., can interact with those respective WebElements.

Selenium locators are like the building block of a test script that helps testers interact with the elements in the Document Object Model (DOM). Choosing the best-suited locators in Selenium WebDriver is one of the keys to ensuring that the tests are less flaky (or brittle).

In this tutorial, we deep dive into the multiple locators in Selenium WebDriver, along with demonstrating the usage of those locators.

What are Locators in Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium is a test automation framework that lets you automate the interactions with the WebElements on the DOM. Interactions (or actions) can be a click, type, double click, etc. For example, the Action class in…

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