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Docker and Hugging Face Partner to Democratize AI

In General
March 23, 2023

Today, Hugging Face and Docker are announcing a new partnership to democratize AI and make it accessible to all software engineers. Hugging Face is the most used open platform for AI, where the machine learning (ML) community has shared more than 150,000 models; 25,000 datasets; and 30,000 ML apps, including Stable Diffusion, Bloom, GPT-J, and open source ChatGPT alternatives. These apps enable the community to explore models, replicate results, and lower the barrier of entry for ML — anyone with a browser can interact with the models.

Docker is the leading toolset for easy software deployment, from infrastructure to applications. Docker is also the leading platform for software teams’ collaboration.

Docker and Hugging Face partner so you can launch and deploy complex ML apps in minutes. With the recent support for Docker on Hugging Face Spaces, folks can create any custom app they want by simply writing a Dockerfile. What’s great about Spaces…

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