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Docker Scout Demo and Q&A

In General
August 17, 2023

If you missed our webinar “Docker Scout: Live Demo, Insights, and Q&A” — or if you want to watch it again — it’s available on-demand. The audience had more questions than we had time to answer, so we’ve included additional Q&A below.

Image showing docker scout logo and a preview of how vulnerabilities are displayed in docker scout

Many developers — and their employers — are concerned with securing their software supply chain. But what does that mean? Senior Developer Relations Manager Michael Irwin uses a coffee analogy (even though he doesn’t drink coffee himself!). To brew the best cup of coffee, you need many things: clean water, high-quality beans, and good equipment. For the beans and the water, you want assurances that they meet your standards. You might look for beans that have independent certification of their provenance and processing to make sure they are produced sustainably and ethically, for example.

The same concepts apply to producing software. You want to start with trusted content. Using images from Docker…

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