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env0 Extends Workflow Platform for Provisioning Infrastructure

In General
March 29, 2023

env0 today announced it has added support for additional infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tools and the Microsoft Azure DevOps platform to its workflow automation and management platform.

Fresh from raising an additional $35 million in funding, env0 CEO Ohad Maislish said while Terraform remains the most widely used IaC tool, there are now more organizations using alternatives such as CloudFormation from Amazon Web Services (AWS) along with Pulumi and Terragrunt.

Other capabilities added to the env0 platform include automated drift detection, multi-tier workflows, auditing, external logging platform integration, support for plug-ins and expanded role-based access controls and OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication.

Finally, env0 is extending its existing Terraform support to include support for remote backend, module registry, remote plan, and the ability to plan and apply pull requests. The capabilities are especially critical for organizations that are now building microservices-based…

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