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Error Budgets Explained: Risk & Reliability in One Metric

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November 12, 2020

The goal of most IT pursuits is optimization. Yet, wise professionals are well aware that perfect optimization isn’t possible. No service, solution, or system will ever be completely optimized. That doesn’t mean optimization isn’t worth pursuing—it just means optimization goals need to take reality into account.

With systems growing increasingly complex, failure at some point, of some kind, is inevitable. This fact is the reason why so many resources are invested in failure mitigation and recovery.

As developers add new features and make changes to the system, unforeseen complications will arise. Change is daunting because of the possibility for unknown factors to cause mayhem in your system. But you can’t just stop making changes. Changes are a necessity in today’s competitive business world. After all, you can’t win a race by standing still.

But how do you know…

  • The right time for making changes?
  • How much room for error the system has?
  • How much testing is…

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