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Esper Delivers New Retail Kiosk Program in Weeks

In General
June 24, 2021

Consumers are getting more sophisticated and want to be delighted as part of their retail experience. They expect it. Retail has changed dramatically, especially since COVID-19, often for the better. Retailers are constantly evaluating new in-store, online, and self-serve options that keep customers returning. They rely on innovative technology to create gratifying customer experiences and loyalty. 

Sometimes we don’t think about the technology behind new strategies, but in the background, working to make new options a reality are unsung heroes, IT directors, managers, developers, and security specialists. And Android devices are playing a big part in customer engagement. 

Cost-effective and reliable, Android devices are gaining popularity in the retail industry. From line-busting to managing inventory, there is an Android device that fits the bill. But what happens when you want to deploy, monitor, and manage 100s if not 1000s of devices across multiple locations? What…

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