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Finding shareable solution patterns in cloud architecture

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June 01, 2021

You just completed the data architecture for the system supporting the manufacturing organization as part of a massively complex multicloud migration. You designed a unique approach to normalizing all databases and getting down to a single source of truth for all important data attributes, such as customer, invoice, product, etc.

Feeling very proud of yourself, you hold a Zoom meeting to walk the other sub-teams through the approach, architecture, and use of tools. With arms folded and concerned looks on their faces, they tell you that they also have leveraged a unique approach to getting to a normalized data model for their part of the migration, as well as finding and exposing core single sources of truth. 

Although these situations can’t always be prevented, clearly in this fictitious case, if the two groups were communicating and collaborating, they could have solved this problem in a more repeatable way. Instead, they worked in silos, not…

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