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Five Tips to Avoid Cloud Migration Failure: How to Gain Employee Buy-in and Set Realistic Stakeholder Expectations

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May 30, 2023

Poor cohesion between engineers, product owners, and executive teams can be a limiting factor in software development. It often leads to two problem scenarios:

1. Your Company Struggles to Build Quality Software

The problem is not staff – you have talented engineers, knowledgeable agile professionals, and top business leadership. They are all paid at or above the market rate. Everyone is very motivated to succeed and frustrated with the lack of results.

Yet when engineers, agile professionals and business leaders work together they fail, over and over again. Ask each group what the most important features of the software are and why they are not implemented correctly; they answer as if they all work at different companies. They don’t even use the same language to describe the problem.

Your company will stagnate as a result.

“If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture”

Brian Foote

Your Software Disappoints

If this sounds familiar,…

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