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Future of Cloud-Based Testing: 5 Areas to Watch

In General
November 09, 2023

Cloud-based automated testing environments replicate real-world use cases to help companies better simulate user scenarios at scales which is not possible in other testing environments. The process accelerates go-to-market initiatives and improves user experience.

As with any technology, cloud-based testing continually evolves, presenting users with new opportunities and challenges. What conditions, trends, or risks can we confidently associate with future cloud-based testing environments?

To address the cloud-based testing of the future, it’s important to consider the issues we face today, as many of these challenges are likely to persist.

Strategic thinking about cloud-based testing of the future must address familiar issues, such as:

  • Migration complexities
  • Dependency on Internet connectivity
  • Data transfer and storage costs
  • Supplier selection and potential lock-in
  • Security, compliance and data privacy
  • Integration with existing systems

Any significant changes in these areas…

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