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GitGuardian Allies With CyberArk to Better Protect App Secrets

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February 09, 2024

GitGuardian this week revealed it has allied with CyberArk to streamline secrets detection and management by making it easier to share insights.

Ziad Ghalleb, product marketing manager for GitGuardian, said the two companies have integrated their respective platforms using open source software that integrates GitGuardian Secrets Detection and CyberArk Conjur Cloud, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for managing and rotating secrets as needed.

In addition, CyberArk Conjur Cloud is now integrated with HasMySecretLeaked, a tool for discovering if a specific secret has been exposed on GitHub. That capability enables DevSecOps teams to periodically cross-reference secrets and credentials against a private database of secrets known to have been publicly exposed.

GitGuardian claims to have uncovered more than 20 million publicly exposed secrets on the GitHub repository. While GitGuardian provides tools to discover exposed secrets, organizations rely on the CyberArk platform to manage…

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