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GitLab Strengthens Remote DevOps Management

In General
January 25, 2023

GitLab this week moved to provide remote developers with access to a more secure continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform while at the same time adding a dashboard that makes it simpler to track the overall status of application development projects.

David DeSanto, chief product officer for GitLab, said GitLab Remote Development takes advantage of an instance of the GitLab CI/CD platform running on a Kubernetes cluster. That cluster is accessed via a Web-based integrated development environment (IDE) to eliminate the need for developers to create development environments on their local desktops.

That capability reduces developers’ time and effort on tasks other than code and gives organizations more centralized control over the intellectual property being created, noted DeSanto. Organizations will no longer have to worry, for example, about theft of a developer’s laptop that has sensitive data on it, he added. In addition, organizations will be able to more…

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