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Handling Actions Class in Selenium and its usage

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April 30, 2021

Selenium is considered one of the best testing tools for automating web applications. It is a powerful tool with built-in features to support all types of actions related to the keyboard and mouse. The user performs various operations while exploring the web like clicking any button, entering text, Double click, right-click, drag-and-drop, select from the drop-down menu, resize, etc. Actions Class in Selenium is required to perform such single or multiple interactions. Also, Selenium Actions are used to automate such interactions with the browser through mouse and keyboard using automation scripts. Even to test any application using Selenium, these actions are performed on the web application using actions class. Let us understand how to use the actions class in Selenium and what it is all about.

What is Actions Class in Selenium?

Actions class includes a set of actions that a user performs on the web application using a Keyboard or a Mouse. It comes as a built-in feature of Selenium…

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