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How IKEA Retail Standardizes Docker Images for Efficient Machine Learning Model Deployment

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September 20, 2023

What do Docker and IKEA Retail have in common? Both companies have changed how products are built, stored, and shipped. In IKEA Retail’s case, they created the market of flat-packed furniture items, which made everything from shipping, warehousing, and delivering their furniture to the end location much easier and more cost effective. This parallels what Docker has done for developers. Docker has changed the way that software is built, shipped, and stored, with Docker Images taking up much less space “shelf” space. 

In this post, contributing authors Karan Honavar and Fernando Dorado Rueda from IKEA Retail walk through their MLOps solution, built with Docker.

V2 banner unlocking the power of production standardizing docker images for efficient ml model deployment

Machine learning (ML) deployment, the act of shifting an ML model from the developmental stage to a live production environment, is paramount to translating complex algorithms into real-world solutions. Yet, this intricate process isn’t without its challenges, including:

  1. Complexity…

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