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How Kinsta Improved the End-to-End Development Experience by Dockerizing Every Step of the Production Cycle

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July 11, 2023

Guest author Amin Choroomi is an experienced software developer at Kinsta. Passionate about Docker and Kubernetes, he specializes in application development and DevOps practices. His expertise lies in leveraging these transformative technologies to streamline deployment processes and enhance software scalability.

One of the biggest challenges of developing and maintaining cloud-native applications at the enterprise level is having a consistent experience through the entire development lifecycle. This process is even harder for remote companies with distributed teams working on different platforms, with different setups, and asynchronous communication. 

At Kinsta, we have projects of all sizes for application hosting, database hosting, and managed WordPress hosting. We need to provide a consistent, reliable, and scalable solution that allows:

  • Developers and quality assurance teams, regardless of their operating systems, to create a straightforward…

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