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How to Analyze Data to Predict Your Optimum Device & Test Coverage?

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February 25, 2019

Imagine that you developed a mobile app but it does not work properly on some devices as the device fragmentation is getting more complex with time. This will be a tester’s nightmare as the users will drop the ratings of the app which will lead to a decrease in the downloads.

Teams need to consider the device usage patterns across geographies to test their apps. This will lead to smooth app functionality across all digital channels. This is the need of the hour.

We can optimize the device and test coverage by using data analytics in app testing instead of relying on guesswork. You can also watch the webinar video where we have covered this topic extensively.

Before we move on, let’s understand some of the terms that will be used in this article.


Term Description
Stock Android A basic and unmodified version of OS developed by Google.
Android Custom ROM Read Only Memory modified to provide better functionality than that in Stock Android.
Manifest file The manifest file describes…

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