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How to Avoid Flaky Tests in Playwright

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March 13, 2024

A flaky test is a test that produces different results in different runs. It may pass a few times and fail others for no apparent reason. As you can imagine, there are obviously some reasons behind that behavior.

Flaky tests are one of the greatest enemies of CI systems because they lead to seemingly random pipeline failures. Here is why it is so important to avoid them!

In this guide, you will understand what a flaky test is and what are the main causes behind it. Then, you will explore some best practices to avoid writing flaky tests in Playwright.

Let’s dive in!

What Is a Flaky Test in Playwright?

A faulty test is a test that produces different results for the same commit SHA. Another rule for identifying such a test is “if it passes on the branch but fails once merged, it may be a flaky test.” In the context of Playwright, a test is labeled as “flaky” when it fails the first time but…

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