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How to find out what’s actually new in Google Play System Updates

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December 02, 2022

Thanks to Project Mainline, Google is able to deliver updates to core Android system components through the Play Store. These updates — which are publicly referred to as Google Play System Updates — can fix security issues or introduce new features, and they’re routinely delivered to users on GMS Android devices running Android 10 and later. 

There’s one problem with these updates, though: It’s hard to tell what’s actually changed. That’s because Google doesn’t post a detailed changelog anywhere, but thankfully, they do publish the source code for Project Mainline modules on AOSP. With that knowledge, I started to wonder if it’s possible to create an unofficial changelog of sorts detailing what’s actually new in a Google Play System Update? 

The answer is yes, but the process of generating a changelog is a bit cumbersome. In this week’s edition of Android Dessert Bites, I’ll share an early look at my Google Play System Update…

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