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How to Handle JavaScript Alert in Selenium WebDriver Using Python?

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May 31, 2021

Alert windows are widely used across websites where an alert message acts as a mode to ‘interrupt’ the current flow of the user journey. A simple example of a JavaScript alert would be someone filling in details on the sign-up page and submitting the details without entering some mandatory information. This user flow also needs to be verified when Selenium automation testing is performed on the web product.


Handling popups and alerts is one of the common test scenarios that should be tested using Selenium WebDriver. In this post of the Selenium Python tutorial series, we look at how to handle JavaScript alerts in Python. It is worth mentioning that the core fundamentals of JavaScript alerts and popups remain unchanged irrespective of the programming language used for Selenium automation testing.

Common Scenarios Of Javascript Alerts

There are numerous areas where you would come across popups and alerts when browsing the internet. Alert windows are…

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