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How To Perform Cypress Testing At Scale With LambdaTest

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June 25, 2021

Web products of top-notch quality can only be realized when the emphasis is laid on every aspect of the product. This is where web automation testing plays a major role in testing the features of the product inside-out. A majority of the web testing community (including myself) have been using the Selenium test automation framework for realizing different forms of web testing (e.g., cross browser testing, functional testing, etc.).


Selenium now has a worthy competition from Cypress, an open-source JavaScript-based test automation framework that can be used for E2E (End-To-End) testing of web applications. Though Cypress has a powerful feature set, the true potential of Cypress testing can only be exploited by running tests on a scalable and reliable cloud grid. Are you planning to perform cross browser testing with Cypress at scale by avoiding endless investments in building an ageing in-house testing infrastructure?

In this blog, we cover essential…

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