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How To Run Automation Tests Using Selenium and NodeJS [With Example]

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May 26, 2021

In the current software development era, Selenium test automation is extremely important and makes up an inherent part of the software development cycle. It helps to build software that is tested continuously while being developed in the form of separate small individual units and a whole integrated set as well.

While Selenium is the most popular choice for automation testing, everyone wants to use the best possible technologies for better results. Amongst the programming language, NodeJs has made a spot for itself as a preferred one to be used along with Selenium to give best results for Selenium test automation.


Source: Stackoverflow

In this tutorial, we will start with some basic introduction to Selenium and NodeJs and why they make such a good solution when used together by using one Selenium NodeJs example. Let’s go!

Why Selenium and NodeJs For Web Automation Testing

Selenium is widely used in automation testing for web applications as it is an open…

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