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How To Run Selenium Tests In Docker

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March 15, 2021

Automation testing and Continuous Integration (CI) are integral parts of the development and test activity. Selenium test automation is one such approach that helps in the end-to-end testing of the web product. The not-so-preferred way of performing tests using the Selenium framework involves installing the required web browser and its corresponding browser drivers. In this blog, we deep dive into how to run Selenium tests in Docker in order to accelerate the Selenium test automation activity.


Introduction to Docker

When it comes to Selenium automation testing, it is important that a test run in one execution environment does not hinder the execution of tests run in another test environment (s). Hence, automation tests should be run in isolation, and Docker helps in realizing this ‘essential’ requirement.

Running Selenium tests in Docker containers helps in performing code reviews (at a faster pace), thereby realizing better quality code, attaining…

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