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How To Scroll Down in Selenium WebDriver

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January 30, 2024

Scrolling in Selenium is crucial for interacting with elements beyond the visible viewport. It ensures proper visibility and accessibility of elements during test execution, especially in scenarios involving dynamic content or lazy loading. Before diving into operations like how to scroll up and scroll down in Selenium, it’s important to understand the classes and interfaces in Selenium WebDriver.

Selenium WebDriver is mainly represented by the WebDriver interface. This interface defines a set of methods for web browsers, allowing users to automate their interactions with WebElements and perform various testing operations. We will learn more about the SeleniumWebDriver interfaces detailed in this tutorial on how to scroll down in Selenium.

In this blog, we will explore performing scrolling actions on web pages using the JavaScriptExecutor interface in Selenium, focusing on how to scroll down in Selenium WebDriver. We will use Java as a programming language to demonstrate these…

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