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How to Set Transition Height in CSS

In General
November 14, 2023

Web design revolves around the central focus of user experience. Websites that offer a positive user experience captivate visitors during their initial interaction, increasing the likelihood of these users returning to the site.

To achieve this, a lot has to go into designing, developing, best SEO practices, and, most importantly, testing, as this ensures your website runs seamlessly on multiple browsers, devices, and platforms.

Considering this, developing an engaging UI can significantly enhance the overall user experience. Interactive user interfaces leverage visual elements such as typography in CSS, images, and videos to grab users’ attention effectively.

Moreover, incorporating good animations and transitions for web elements can also capture users’ interest. For instance, applying transitions to web forms can indicate to users which form element is being clicked, facilitating an interactive and focused user experience during their tasks.

Transition height in CSS…

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