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How to setup Jenkins Master-Slaves

In General
September 26, 2019

Jenkins is a cross-platform, continuous integration and continuous delivery application that can be used to build and test your software projects continuously making it easier for developers to integrate changes to the project and making it easier for users to obtain a fresh build, which in turn increases your productivity. When you are working on a number of projects which get built on a regular basis or want to run multiple jobs or might need several different environments to test your builds, then a single Jenkins server cannot simply handle the entire load or you want to do parallel executions.

Jenkins supports the master-slave architecture, i.e. many slaves work for a master. It is also known as Jenkins Distributed Builds. It also allows you to run jobs on different environments like Linux, Windows, MacOS, etc. We can also run the same test case on different environments in parallel using Jenkins Distributed Builds, which in turn helps you to achieve the desired results…

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